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Prepared by: Martin Bencher Group

In the following Market Intelligence Report, please find our update on the second quarter of 2022.

We look back on the market tendencies and world outlook since the first quarter of the year, and likewise, we turn our heads to the uncer- tain future, looking at forecasts and predic- tions for the next quarter and year.

And the uncertainty definitely plays a major role in this market report. The last few months have shown us, once again, but also in a completely different manner, that the world changes rapidly and predictions are impossi- ble to rest one’s case on.

A Russian invasion has hit Ukraine and, in many ways, paralyzed the region and big parts of the world in general. Cargoes are stuck in Rus- sian and Ukrainian ports and many industrial projects are on hold, and the impacts are ex- pected to cause the inflation rates to increase even more. 

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